Akira Olsen, PsyD Psychology/Mental Health Services

Akira Olsen, PsyD Psychology/Mental Health Services

Akira Olsen, PsyD Psychology/Mental Health Services Akira Olsen, PsyD Psychology/Mental Health Services Akira Olsen, PsyD Psychology/Mental Health Services

San Francisco, Burlingame

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Hello Thank you for visiting my website. I’m a board-certified  psychologist with a private practice in San Francisco and Burlingame. I have 16+ years clinical experience in working with children, adolescents and adults in Bay Area. 

Along with my private practice, as a psychologist, I've worked with both children, teens and adult professionals in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, family shelters, schools, and universities. I started my private practice in San Francisco since 2010. 

I feel so blessed to have worked with so many persons with strength, courage and resilience.

San Francisco & Burlingame


I work in San Francisco financial district and Burlingame downtown. Many of my clients in San Francisco are adult professionals. Many of my clients in Burlingame are youth and young adult professionals. I also work with a couple and parents. 

 I specialize in treating anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, trauma, attention, Family/Marriage/Relationship issues, self-esteem/self-confidence, motivation and workplace issues. 

I was trained in psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and play therapy approaches and Child/Adolescent Psychology. 

I also had intensive trainings of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma informed treatment, and Emotion focused couple therapy for the past five years. (My CV is available.)

I conduct initial assessments to determine the right approach for you in the first session. I tailor therapy to your needs and goals.

My working style is interactive, compassionate, and collaborative.

With more than fifteen years  experience, I’m committed to improving mental and emotional health for my clients. I’m also bilingual, speaking fluent Japanese. I provide culturally sensitive treatment for my clients from diverse backgrounds. 

I also conduct anxiety/stress management group to youth and mindfulness coaching sessions to professional adults. Please ask my office for details. 

The first step is: contact me by phone (415) 317-6991 or email at drakiraolsen@gmail.com to request my intake packet. Please provide 

your email or mailing address, the office where you want to visit.

15 minutes free phone consultation is available. 

Look forward to hearing from you and working with you together! 

Contact Us

The first step is email or call me to request a free 15 minutes phone or online meeting

PHONE: (415) 317-6991

Email: drakiraolsen@gmail.com

Dr Akira Olsen Psychologist Inc.

San Francisco Financial District & Burlingame downtown, California


Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed


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